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Rocky's Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation is an all breed rescue located in Thurmont, Md. Established in 2013 and 100% volunteer run. We are 501(C)3 certified. Animals are fully vetted, necessary medical and maintenance concerns addressed,  and then assessed for future placement. 


$170 donated $2830 to go. We can do this for these young mares.

Each year we try to do a Christmas save. Well this year we have 2. These 2 very young Dutch Harness Horses have been seriously starved and neglected. They are only 7 and 4 year old registered mares. Sold at auction to the highest bidder. We can ramble on all day at what the cost will be to rehab these 2, so we will just shorten the words and put it out there in hopes they can get a Christmas miracle.

We have done this many times and our donors have been incredible at helping us save the less fortunate and giving them a home for the holidays. I will bite my tongue on the neglect of these 2 babies.

All donations are tax deductible. Please help us save these 2 young mares from another auction. They are very fuzzy so the pictures are deceptive.

They are in New York so we will need transport plus their fee plus some extra funds to help start them on their new path to a wonderful life. Total amount needed would be $3,000 that will also cover their transport. They can be delivered to us tomorrow and we can and will hit the ground running.

Well we have had a long 12 years of triumph’s and disappointment. We are at a crossroad and are not sure how to proceed. Hence the video attached to this message. 

We pull horses responsibly. We don’t pull horses for attention or fame. We pull what we can personally and physically handle. We have a plan for each and every horse we have in our care or ones we bring into the rescue. But it seems donations have dropped to a little of nothing because clearing the kill pen is the way people want to donate their hard earned dollars to pulling many at a time. Which don’t get me wrong is great. But where are they?

Here at Rocky’s we can tell you anything and everything about every single horse, donkey or mule that has landed in our care. Including where they are and if they were laid to rest, why they were laid to rest. We are hands on and prefer to stay a smaller rescue so we can continue our intimate knowledge of each and every animal. We do not ban or block people for asking where the animals are, that’s not good business. Nor do we raise thousands for each animal that comes into our care, because that is a red flag. 

Right now we have not been pulling horses because donations are dwindling to $0. What we need is monthly sponsors to sponsor the ones in this video that will live their lives out at the rescue. We have a team of volunteers that care for them daily, as well as Danny and myself. We have to be responsible and not just pull horses for quick donations so sponsorship is the best way to ensure the absolute best care. 

There is over 11,000 followers on this page. If each one would donate just $1, what a difference we could make in the lives of many. But that is also within reason of what we can care for daily. 

We don’t board our horses and pay a lot of money for boarding or quarantine. We are hands on from day 1 till they are adopted, not adoptable or laid to rest knowing love and care. We care for our own and follow each and every one throughout the rest of their lives. Hence that is the reason to stay on the smaller side. We are able to do just that. 

There is no wrong way to rescue. There is however responsible rescues and then there are fame rescues. We will not ever be a fame rescue. So wherever you spend your money, just ask, what’s the plan for that 1 horse. Are you really making a difference or is it just for the thrill? 

If you are wanting to help and sponsor a horse, please let us know. If not and you are offended by this post, that’s not my intention. But integrity, responsibility and transparency all come to mind. Know where your money goes.

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Horses become available after they have completed quarantine and our protocols. Please check the current adoptable animals regularly. Applicants must fill out an Adoption Application. 

Scenes from the rescue
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